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Understanding ABAP Dictionary

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As you complete this course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to plan and construct ABAP Dictionary objects in your SAP system, and you will be able to create and manage a central meta-data repository for your database that reduces the redundancy, the maintenance costs, and improves the efficiency. After the course, you can apply this knowledge whether you work on a simple in-house development, or a complex project.

To understand the concept of the ABAP Dictionary in every detail, we will go through on its objects one by one, discuss their roles in the system, and I will demonstrate that how to build them up during the exercises.

Please take this course as a journey that will guide you to have a better understanding of our ABAP Dictionary. In order to get the most out of you, I built up this course as a workshop, where you can get a deeper understanding about the different concepts, but also you have the chance to try out them in practice!

Who This Course Is For?

The goal of this course, is to get a deeper understanding of our ABAP Dictionary.

I highly recommend this course, if you have just started learning about ABAP development, or you are a bit more experienced Junior ABAP Developer, since as soon as you start writing ABAP code, I’m pretty sure, you are going to deal with some database operations in your code, at least you write a simple SELECT statement, or something like this – and it’s very crucial to understand the logic behind ABAP Dictionary and its elements, in order to be able writing high-quality source code.

I could say that this course is crucial for all ABAP developers who has no experience in ABAP Dictionary, and for who, is asking questions like these:
  • why we need the ABAP Dictionary,
  • or the Two-Level Domain concept,
  • or what is the Foreign Key Relationship,
  • or why we should define our objects globally
If you recognized yourself, then this course is exactly for you – and I’m here to answer these questions and more others.

That’s it.

That’s what I can offer you in the next few hours, and a lot of exercises that will guide you through on the flow of Understanding ABAP Dictionary.

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