Providing Enterprise Data Simply via SAP BSP - Data Retrieval in XML


In the last few lessons, we talked about the BSP application itself, the data retrieval in JSON, and how to handle URL parameters. Today, I want to give some help to the developers, who want to retrieve their data simply in XML. To achieve this, we are going to perform a few modifications only.

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How to retrieve data in XML format

Providing Enterprise Data Simply via SAP BSP - Handling URL Parameters


In the previous posts, we built a very simple BSP application that we used to retrieve a simple, hard-coded JSON. Then we went ahead, and we replaced this hard-coded JSON in code using a simple SELECT statement, and a JSON transformation.

Today, we move on and talk about how to pass parameters to our web service in order to pass a filtered data back to the client. We are going to solve these requirements using Page Attributes.

Today lessons

How to pass parameters to the service

Providing Enterprise Data Simply via SAP BSP - Data Retrieval in JSON


In the previous post, we built a very simple BSP application that we used to retrieve a simple, hard-coded JSON. Today, we go ahead, and talk about how we can produce this hard-coded JSON in code. In order to do this, I'm going to introduce you the Event Handlers in Pages with Flow Logic.

Today lessons

What are the available Event Handlers
How to produce JSON in ABAP 7.4

Providing Enterprise Data Simply via SAP BSP - First Steps


Today, I want to share a very handy approach with you about building simple web services in SAP. It's a lightweight alternative to the SOAP web services. I mostly try to avoid building SOAP web services, since they provide very thick interfaces, always need to regenerate the proxies and so on, so it can be a nightmare in complex cases (at least for me). I usually prefer building RESTful web services using the SAP Netweaver Gateway, but what if I don't have it?

To demonstrate the approach, we are going to build a simple web service that uses JSON format and deals with flight schedules.

Today lesson

How to build a simple one-page BSP Application in SAP

How to generate a SOAP proxy for a Web Service in Xamarin Studio

Build native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using C#

Nowadays, our team is working on projects that deal with cross-platform native mobile developments both on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. So, over the last couple of weeks, we spent our time in Xamarin Studio, but I didn't mind that, sometimes the changes are good. :)

This week I had to finish the communication bridge between Xamarin and our SAP BW system, so I build a SOAP proxy in Xamarin Studio based on the SOAP Endpoint that I created earlier. I was really surprised by the results, it was very easy. In this demo, I want to share you my experiences. Enjoy it!

How to generate a SOAP endpoint from a simple SAP Function Group within a few minutes

Practical Guide for Developers

I am proud to announce that from now on I'm going to share my experiences, tips & tricks in this blog that I face during my work. Besides you can check my timelapse videos also that I create in my free time.

This video is the part of our recent Pluralsight course that is going to be published in July 2014. You can check our courses here:

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