7.4 Release News - Support Package 08


Alright, now we arrived to our last 7.4 release news post (for a while), namely the Support Package Stack 08, that gives us additional new features and extends existing ones. Of course, there are many of them again, but as you already know, I will only demonstrate you the most interesting ones, that are the followings:

  • predicative method calls >> using predicate methods within logical expressions
    [IF order->is_closed( ) ...],
  • internal table filtering >> selecting or removing rows effectively from an internal table
    [DATA(...) = FILTER #( ... USING KEY ... WHERE ... )],
  • new way of defining fields list in SELECT >> listing fields easily in a complex SELECT
    [SELECT scarr~carrname spfli~* sflight~fldate],
  • inline declaration for SELECT >> storing data from the database without defining internal tables
    [SELECT ... INTO TABLE @DATA(flight_schedules)].