3 Things You Should Know About ABAP Dictionary - Reusability


Right now, I'm pretty close to finish my first Pluralsight course, called Understanding ABAP Dictionary. As I mentioned the title of the blog post series, I want to share you 3 Things You Should Know About ABAP Dictionary, and we have already talked about two: Meta-Data Consistency and Data Consistency.

Today, it's the time to talk about the third one, named Reusability. If you think about the reusability a bit, then you recognize that it carries both the Meta-Data and the Data consistency itself by default. This is because, if we reuse our Domains, Data Elements, Structures, Table Types and so on, then probably it's much-much easier provide Meta-Data and Data consistency, since we reuse the different objects, so we need to maintain less objects, and we probably make fewer mistakes and typos also.

There is one more benefit of reusing our building blocks in the ABAP Dictionary: you can save both time and money!