How to Change the Theme of Your ABAP Workbench Tools?


I got a lots of questions for my previous post, Where Can You Find Your ABAP Source Code?. You asked me about what theme I use when I work in ABAP Workbench. A few of you really liked the dark theme, I used during the recordings. This is a custom font and color scheme.

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Learning SAP is not hard...

SAP: Getting Started - Coming Soon

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How to Make Your Life Difficult in Three Different Ways?

How to Make Your Life Difficult in Three Different Ways?

As an ABAP developer, writing ABAP programs is easy as 1 + 1. First, we learn the basic syntax, then - as a next step - we try to modify code written by other developers, and finally we write our first ABAP program independently. That’s it!

There is no difference, even if we talk about ABAP Dictionary: we learn the basic features of ABAP Dictionary – we learn how to create domains, data elements, or database tables – then we try to modify objects created by others, and finally we build our very first structure, database tables, or view. This is the learning curve that a beginner ABAP Developer usually follows.