7.4 Release News - Inline Declaration II.


I think, the code examples spoke for themselves in the previous post, they're thin, readable, and transparent! That's what I want! Today, I'm going to show you another great feature of the 7.4, called Field Symbol inline declaration.

Actually, we need to comply the same rules for Field Symbol inline declarations as in the case of the Data inline declarations.

7.4 Release News - Inline Declaration I.


After finishing the blog post series, called 5 Ways to Improve the Readability of Your ABAP Code, I was thinking a lot about the topic of the next blog post series.

In the last few months, I worked with many 7.4 based SAP systems, developed many ABAP programs, and thanks to this, I had chances to try out the different new features, that the SAP has implemented. Since during my works, these improvements helped me a lot, and found them very useful, I decided to share them with you.