Simple XML Processing in ABAP Part I. – Overview

Introduction to XML

Today, it is very common business request to exchange data between different external systems. It can be a problem that those systems usually store their data in incompatible formats. To make this exchange process much easier, it’s usual to use a plain text format such as XML. XML provides a standardized format, so a result those systems can communicate with each other in only one specified language, what everybody easily understands.

Since the XML is a well-known markup language, most of the programming languages are capable to process XML files and provide various tools to transform their content to an internal format of the given system. If you want to learn more about XML, visit the website:

Build flexible, consistent, and centralized database in SAP via Domains and Data Elements

Learn not only the HOW, but the WHEN and the WHY also

I think all of us ever had to deal with constructing databases for business applications. As an ABAP Developer, one of our responsibility is to create flexible, consistent, and centralized databases that serves data for many application. 

There are many-many possible approaches, methods and best practices to construct good databases that can be confusing. As a beginner, it’s very frustrating, I know that feeling well. When I was newbie in ABAP, I clearly remember for that I just couldn’t choose the appropriate solution, I only could apply that I saw from senior developers in certain scenarios. As a beginner, you don’t have any other chance, so let’s do it! 

How to generate a SOAP endpoint from a simple SAP Function Group within a few minutes

Practical Guide for Developers

I am proud to announce that from now on I'm going to share my experiences, tips & tricks in this blog that I face during my work. Besides you can check my timelapse videos also that I create in my free time.

This video is the part of our recent Pluralsight course that is going to be published in July 2014. You can check our courses here:

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